Hot Air Baboon

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Hot Air Baboon

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You're a kamikaze baboon in a hot air balloon, and there's a city below you. After years of being laughed at in the circus, you've figured it's time for your revenge!

Ctrl: Target Building
Fire: left_mouse
Shift: Target Building
Space: Thrust
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0: Choose Weapon
Jump: space

Destroy as much of the city as possible before crashing into the ground in an epic display of carnage. Beware however, each time you are hit, a sandbag will disappear - once all of the bags are gone, you'll simply float away from the city.

1 to 0 to choose weapons.
Shift or Ctrl to target buildings.
Space to thrust.
Left click to shoot.
Mouse to aim.

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